Fleur de Lee

"I only had seven months to plan, but I never felt like we needed more time with Siri's expertise. Wedding Day Designs coordinated the music, order of events for the ceremony, and made sure every detail on the day of the wedding went perfectly. Working with Siri, who you can trust, who is organized and easy to work with, is worth every penny." —Allison

Siri Lehmann

Wedding Planner, Founder + Owner Wedding Day Designs

WEDDING DAY DESIGNS is owned by premier wedding planner Siri Lehmann. Siri's first love for weddings started 30 years ago at her own wedding to her husband Tom. Nearly 20 years ago, Siri co-wrote and recorded in Nashville a collection of wedding music called WEDDING BLESSING. Siri has been singing at weddings ever since. Her singing led her to helping couples plan their wedding ceremonies. Now, for over a decade, Siri has been planning and designing weddings tailored to meet her clients' visions. Siri wants your wedding to be all you want it to be, guaranteering value. She will hire WEDDING DAY DESIGN team members as needed for your individual event. She is praised for her outstanding professional demeanor and working with brides and grooms to meld their visions, so everyone's wishes are met. Siri is known for her gracious love for weddings and her desire to share with your family and friends what matters to you most on the day you declare your vows of marriage. Let the "I-Do's'" begin!

"Siri was awesome to work with! I completely trusted her to get everything done. I didn't have to worry about a single detail. She is professional yet compassionate. She truly cares about what she does! I would recommend Wedding Day Designs to anyone getting married." —TJM-W